Race Details

UPDATED 2/28/17 to add Model Event course length, climb and number of controls

UPDATED 2/25/17 to change distance from Gulls Bluff Day Use Area to the Model Event access point.

Click here for Event Location Map at Cooper Lake State Park.

Model event overview

Course Setter/mapper: Sheila Doyle

2.7 km, 78 m climb, 14 controls

The model event is officially open from 1-5 pm on Friday, March 3. Model event maps will be available for sale at packet pick-up for $5. Those who pre-ordered maps will find them their packets. Scale is 1:10000, 3m contours. (Note that map scale will vary for different courses on Saturday and Sunday.)

The model event is located in the center of the park, where there is no adjacent parking. CLSP does not want anyone parking on the side of the road. Please follow these directions:

  • Enter the park and bear right to proceed to Gulls Bluff Day Use Area for packet pick-up.
  • Cars ONLY may then go park in the Sunset Cove Day Use Area, which has about 25 spaces, and walk to the model event access point.
  • School/private buses must drop off groups at the access point and return to Gulls Bluff to park. Establish a time/call for return pick-up.
  • If/when Sunset Cove fills up, cars will be held at Gulls Bluff and a shuttle service will commence between there and to the access point.
    • NEW: Distance from Gulls Bluff to access point is ~4 km. You’ll want the shuttle.
  • We will not be performing runner accountability – be sure your group leaves the park intact.

No e-punch. Control bags will be left through Saturday afternoon for additional training – parking and logistics then are up to you, however.

Competitive event overview

The Start and Finish are only a short distance away from the parking area and Event Center on both days. Clothing return will still be provided, however. See the Map and Course section for more details.

Day 1: Coyote Run

Coursesetter: Stan Darnell

Vetters: Jens Börsting, Ralph Courtney, Tom Carr

Parking: Gulls Bluff Day Use Area

Walk to start: 200m – 350m depending on where you park

Finish: Heron Harbor Day Use Area, adjacent to Gulls Bluff

Day 2: Buggy Whip

Coursesetter: Jim Stevens

Vetters: Jens Börsting, Ralph Courtney

Parking/Event Center: Honey Creek Day Use Area

Walk to start: Approximately 700m

Finish: Honey Creek Day Use Area

Recreational event overview

Recreational courses are available on Saturday and Sunday on White, Yellow and Orange. Beginners clinics will be offered at 9:30 a.m. near the Event Center on both days. Day-of-race entries are fine, and loaner compasses will be available. Punch cards will be used in lieu of e-punch.

Recreational courses will start and finish at a special station away from the competitive start. A volunteer will be there to mark you as “out” on the course; please return to this station to be marked as “in” whether you find all the controls or not. There is a 3-hour time limit on all courses. Please plan to start between 10-noon on Saturday, 9-11 on Sunday, as control pick-up will commence 3 hours after the last competitor starts.

General info

Control Descriptions

Control descriptions will be printed on the maps. Loose description sheets may be picked if desired at the second step of the start call-up. Descriptions for white and yellow courses will be in English only. Descriptions for orange course and above will be in IOF symbols only (ISCD2004).

Control Markers

Control markers will be IOF standard orange and white flag. Some may have a blue stripe.

Time Limits

Time limit will be 3 hours for both courses on Saturday and Sunday.

Start Procedures

  • Start times are given in Minutes, rather than Hours:minutes. For example, on Saturday, Start 0 goes out on the course at 10:00; Start 45 at 10:45; Start 100 at 11:40. On Sunday, Start 0 goes out at 9:00, etc.
  • Please be in the start area at least 10 minutes before your scheduled start.
  • Clear and check your SI card when you arrive in the start area.
  • You will be called up 3 minutes before your scheduled start.
  • 2 minutes before your start, you will move forward and may pick up loose control descriptions if desired. You are responsible for your own clue holder.
  • 1 minute before your start, you will move forward to the map line. You will be asked to mark your name / number on the back of the map. Do not look at your map. You may ask the starter to check that it is the correct course.
  • When the beeper sounds, punch the Start box and then flip over your map to begin the course.


You will likely be required to surrender your map at the Finish line. When the last competitor is out on the course, the maps will be placed out for collection. Unless weather precludes it, e-punch download will be near the Finish area — don’t forget to hit it before you walk back to the parking lot!

Drinking Water on Courses

There will be at least one control with drinking water on all courses of orange length and above. Please use the cups provided and dispose of them in the bag or bin provided. Do not drink directly from any container–if you are observed doing so, you will be disqualified.

Courses and Classes

The normal national-level classes for people of all ages will be offered as part of the Lone Star Armadill-O, in addition to the special classes for Interscholastic and Intercollegiate events. Courses appropriate for all levels of ability will be offered, including recreational opportunities.

Note that there are two Orange and two Green courses each day. Be sure to take the appropriate clues and map for your course. Volunteers will be there to check maps, but ultimately, it is your responsibility.

Course NameInterscholastic ClassesIntercollegiate ClassesStandard OUSA Age ClassesDay 1/SaturdayDay 2/Sunday
Dist km / Climb m / ControlsDist km / Climb m/ Controls
WhitePrimary School Male

Primary School Female
---M-10, M-12
F-10, F-12
M open
F open

Group open
2.0 km / 51 m / 132.6 km / 33 m / 18
White Rec2.1 km / 54 m / 142.0 km / 27 m / 13
YellowIntermediate School Female
Intermediate School Male
M open
F open
3.0 km / 72 m / 103.3 km / 39 m / 17
Yellow Rec3.1 km / 75 m / 103.0 km / 30 m / 13
Orange AHS Junior Varsity Female---F-16
M open
F open
4.3 km / 96 m / 133.9 km / 60 m / 17
Orange BHS Junior Varsity MaleCollege Junior Varsity female
College Junior Varsity male
M-164.4 km / 99 m / 133.9 km / 57 m / 17
Orange Rec4.5 km / 102 m / 133.7 km / 57 m / 15
BrownHS Varsity Female---F-18
M65+, M70+, M75+
F55 +, F60+, F65+, F70+, F75+
M open
F open
3.7 km / 81 m / 123.0 km / 54 m / 15
Green A------M50+, M55+, M60+
F35+, F40+, F45+, F50+
M open
F open
5.1 km / 105 m / 185.0 km / 72 m / 18
Green BHS Varsity MaleCollege Varsity FemaleM-18
4.9 km / 96 m / 174.9 km / 72 m / 18
Red---College Varsity MaleM-20
M35+, M40+, M45+
M open
7.5 km / 168 m / 196.7 km / 114 m / 16
Blue------M-21+10 km / 183 m / 239.8 km / 177 m / 27

Last update: 2/28/17